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Our Pre-Kindergarten children will focus on mastering the skills they have learned in our young preschool classes. They will also prepare for kindergarten through individual learning plans and assessments.


Our Pre-K objectives include:

  • Writing their name

  • Recognizing and writing their ABC’s & Numbers 0 – 20 (minimum)

  • Stating beginning letter sound of words pronounced

  • Beginning to recognize color by it’s printed word

  • Nutrition

  • Holding scissors correctly

  • Staying in the lines when coloring/painting

  • Recognizing the difference between a day, month, and year

  • Understanding sequencing

  • Listening and following the teacher’s directions

  • Using their imagination!!

  • Recognizing shapes and beginning to draw shapes


Reading Readiness Skills include:

  • Recognizing and writing their own name

  • Left-to-right reading directionally

  • Recitation and recognition of ABC’s

  • Knowledge of books – front and back, author and illustrator

  • Reproduction of letters via copying

  • Awareness of beginning letter sounds


Math Concepts include:

  • Number recognition and counting 0-20

  • More-or-less estimation

  • Patterns and Shapes

  • Graphing and Measurement

  • Calendar and Money


Science Concepts include:

  • Weather

  • Colors

  • Magnets

  • Animals, bugs, and insects (no live animals)

  • Nutrition and health

  • Exploration


Art Skills include:

  • Cutting and Gluing

  • Drawing

  • Coloring and painting

  • Textures


Physical Education includes:

  • Morning stretch and warm-ups

  • Active games


Music Includes:

  • Daily Bible and worship times

  • Instrument play

  • Rhythm

  • New songs


There is so much to explore when you use your imagination at Imagination Station Childcare and Preschool! Our Pre-K classes also have the opportunity to go on fun and educational field trips throughout the year!


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