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Jr. Kindergarten


Our Jr. Kindergarten children will focus on mastering the skills they have learned in our young preschool classes. They will also prepare for kindergarten through individual learning plans and assessments.


Our Jr. K objectives include:

  • Writing their name

  • Recognizing and writing their ABC’s & Numbers 0 – 20 (minimum)

  • Stating beginning letter sound of words pronounced

  • Beginning to recognize color by it’s printed word

  • Nutrition

  • Holding scissors correctly

  • Staying in the lines when coloring/painting

  • Recognizing the difference between a day, month, and year

  • Understanding sequencing

  • Listening and following the teacher’s directions

  • Using their imagination!!

  • Recognizing shapes and beginning to draw shapes


Reading Readiness Skills include:

  • Recognizing and writing their own name

  • Left-to-right reading directionally

  • Recitation and recognition of ABC’s

  • Knowledge of books – front and back, author and illustrator

  • Reproduction of letters via copying

  • Awareness of beginning letter sounds


Math Concepts include:

  • Number recognition and counting 0-20

  • More-or-less estimation

  • Patterns and Shapes

  • Graphing and Measurement

  • Calendar and Money


Science Concepts include:

  • Weather

  • Colors

  • Magnets

  • Animals, bugs, and insects (no live animals)

  • Nutrition and health

  • Exploration


Art Skills include:

  • Cutting and Gluing

  • Drawing

  • Coloring and painting

  • Textures


Physical Education includes:

  • Morning stretch and warm-ups

  • Active games


Music Includes:

  • Daily Bible and worship times

  • Instrument play

  • Rhythm

  • New songs


There is so much to explore when you use your imagination at Imagination Station Childcare and Preschool! Our Pre-K & Jr. K classes also have the opportunity to go on fun and educational field trips throughout the year!


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